This is where we share with you the inside scoop on the top restaurants to eat at, the best travel tips, the cocktail you just have to drink, the activities you can’t miss out on, the most stunning beaches to visit, and all the reviews of the Bahamas’ best.

‘Discover Paradise’ is where you’ll find our authentic travel guides, so you can get some amazing tips to make your upcoming Bahamas vacation the best holiday you’ve ever taken. We mean it.

‘Discover’ is where you’ll learn things like the recipe of that tasty drink you had at John Watling’s Distillery (so you can make it for your next Girls’ Night In ? ). ‘Discover’ is where you’ll get inspired to decorate your living room with a touch of the islands for spring, and keep your holiday feeling alive.

This is where you can dive head-first into Bahamian culture and discover a whole new lifestyle, and live your best #BahamasGoals.


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