Decor: Bahamian licence plates

Decor: Bahamian licence plates

Look around your house, you need a bit of an island touch to your modern décor. No need to go overboard with tropical flavor, but hints can make a unique statement. Souvenirs can be used to give that island touch we need in our house and a constant reminder for yourself about that fantastic vacation.

A license plate. A souvenir overlooked by many, but an excellent design choice.

#1 Reason why this is a perfect souvenir;

  1. Easy to pack in your already overstuffed bags.
  2. Can be actually used when you get home.
  3. On it has the name of the island you visited.
  4. And it is just so vibrant.

Yes, you can place it on a table with your other decorative pieces, but I dare you to be different. Turn that license plate into a mini wall display to showcase not only the license plate but whatever you decide to place on top of it. Typical Bahamian plates are blue and yellow, so this adds the pop of color in the room. When bent in a particular shape, “Bahamas” at the bottom of the plate can be seen reminding envious house visitors about your fantastic vacation in The Bahamas. These decorative wall shelves are simple to make and the only tools needed is a hammer, nails, and your strength to bend it.




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