4 Hotel Amenities that will have you booking a plane ticket to The Bahamas.

4 Hotel Amenities that will have you booking a plane ticket to The Bahamas.

The island, customer service, proximity to the beach are important factors when choosing your Bahamas vacation hotel, but what about those amenities. I appreciate the basic hotel necessities, but if a hotel provides terrific amenities, it creeps its way to the top of my decision list, and hopefully yours. The Bahamas Boutique Hotels listed some neat hotel amenities that can be deciding factors on your next Bahamas vacation.

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1 Breakfast Basket at your door: Head over to the shores of Andros on the private Cay of Kamalame Cay. This third generation family-owned business exudes luxury. Kamalame Cay Resort’s complimentary amenity worth noting is the daily breakfast delivered to guest doors. These lavish island baskets contain coffee, freshly squeezed juice, boiled eggs, homemade pastries, fruits, and other breakfast delights. No need to rush to catch breakfast before closing time, when you can conveniently enjoy breakfast in bed. A ‘food to my door’ amenity, just crept Kamalame Cay Resort up on my list, what about you?

Breakfast at your doorstep Imagine waking up, open your front door, and there is a breakfast basket filled with freshly baked pastries, orange juice, coffee, and fruits. Then taking the basket to your backyard which happens to be a white sandy beach footstep from the bed, and you sit with your lover and enjoy breakfast on the beach. Well, this isn’t a dream this is real. This is an everyday reality if you stay at Kamalame Cay private island.The Bahamas boutique hotel is a hidden gem known.

2 Bahama Buddies Program for the kids

This amenity is for the kids, the little humans you cannot leave home on your vacation. At the Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Marina has a unique amenity call the Bahama Buddies Program. This program allows traveling kids to be paired up with resident’s children and explore the island from their focal point. Kids would participate in fun island activities such as coconut husking, arts and crafts, and catching fish along with learning how to clean and cook it. These buddies learn about the island on foot and bike and the marine life with water excursions. You get some alone time away from the kids, and they learn on vacation, this amenity just made this resort crept up couple notches on my list, I hope it did on yours.

3 Visit the Iguanas

In Long Island at Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort and Villas, they provide an adventurous amenity involving iguanas. This hotel offers the Sandy Cay Iguana tour. After travelling along the scenic coast of Long Island, guests are brought to Sandy Cay for exploring. Fun fact: this picturesque Cay is the location where Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest was shot. Sandy Cay accommodates the rare rock iguanas and allows visitors to witness these creatures in their natural habitat. Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort crept up on my list, was the iguanas convincing enough for you?

4 Get your vacation kitchen stocked

At the extravagant Grand Isles Resort, guests sojourn in spacious villas with gorgeous views equipped with complete working kitchens. This resort offers an ingenious amenity for guests, pre-ordered groceries. An amenity that takes the hassle of grocery shopping and allows you to enjoy more of your vacation time. You select your wanted groceries prior to the trip and groceries are delivered directly to the villa before the time of arrival. An amenity that I would not mind having in my normal life, because of this Grand Isles Resort soaring to the top of my list, and hopefully yours.



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