About Bahamas Boutique Hotels

So you’ve been to the Bahamas years ago or stayed at Atlantis, or your cousin went on a cruise. Well, you have not experienced the authentic BAHAMAS.  You haven’t experienced the unique adventures, You haven’t experienced the rich culture, the flavorful meals or hidden gems. Don’t worry, We can help you experience real paradise. That is why Bahamas Boutique Hotels was created. We are building a group of hotel properties, airline, tour companies and other vendors,  that exceed the standard of travel. What does it mean for a hotel to meet our criteria — it has to possess a big personality, but intimate accommodation, great style and a sense of island life and a dash of luxury

Why do you need us?

No need to search hundreds of blogs, geotags, Instagram posts & Pinterest boards; to find maybe 2 or 3 potential hotels. We craft the ideal list of the top boutique hotels and rentals throughout islands of  The Bahamas, Not only do you discover the ultimate list of dream hotels but we help match you with the perfect property for your dream vacation.

Also, we arrange the detail to make your trip easier. Making travel arrangements to the out islands (the other 699 islands) can be difficult, as figuring out should you charter a private seaplane or which commercial flight to catch can be daunting.  Don’t believe us go on Priceline or Kayak and book a flight from Nassau to Andros (any airport. ) Not successful?… Don’t worry we know these islands and will arrange your flights.

Becuase our passion for boutique properties & authentic island vacations! Years of working at boutique properties throughout the islands of the Bahamas. Bahamas Boutique Hotels gives you, our guests that experience the real Bahamas.

BBH we provide the full picture with witty cool fact to help. Our staff is comprised of locals so we know this Bahamas better than a blogger who spent an overnight.  Our goals are simply to change the way guest think and experience The Bahamas.

Why the Bahamas?

Spend more time vacationing and less time travelling. Because of our proximity, we are so close to you, call us neighbours. However, when you arrive you will notice the rich culture and exotic difference you crave.

Our Mission:

To debunk myths of The Bahamas. The islands of The Bahamas is much more than Nassau, Atlantis & Grand Bahama. A lot of visitors come via cruises and only see the city filled downtown and the massive Atlantis.  They have never taken a seaplane to the west coast of Andros to see the flamingoes or even know about the quirkiness of swimming with pigs or the attainable luxury that is to laying on your private beach sipping Veuve Clicquot with no one in sight. We want to reintroduce the authentic islands of The Bahamas.