Bucket List: You must swim with these Sharks

Bucket List: You must swim with these Sharks

Swimming with the Sharks

Sit back and relax in The Bahamas and swim with some laid back sharks. Head over to Compass Cay in the Exumas to experience nursing sharks by the marina. Stay by yacht, overnight in a villa, or a day trip to explore the island. Compass Cay is a welcoming place that provides great experiences for guests. As boaters approach the main dock, they are greeted with handmade decorated wood signs posted on every inch of the dock. The décor builds up your excitement, at least for me it did. Reading each eye appealing sign as you walk on the dock, closer to the sharks swarming underneath the lower dock. As the workers feed the sharks, you can swim along side them, petting to feel their roughly smooth skin. After feeding, the nurse sharks rest at the bottom of the dock waiting for their next meal time, therefore you cannot miss them on your visit. These photogenic creatures along with the crystal blue water as the backdrop produces envious videos and photos for your friends. If you want to go for a deeper shark adventure, mentioned in “5 things you can only do in the Bahamas “article, you can head over to Small Hope Bay Resort for a shark dive.

Come to The Bahamas and check this off your bucket list, because I have another suggestion in store just for you.


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