Instagram Star & Travel Blogger Aggie shares her Bucket List Exuma Day Trip!

Instagram Star & Travel Blogger Aggie shares her Bucket List Exuma Day Trip!

Instagram Star & Travel Blogger Aggie shares her Bucket List Exuma Day Trip!


The Bahamas is known for 700 beautiful islands and cays, surrounded by the most crystal clear turquoise waters you will ever see. A great destination for island hopping, flavourful food, and most of all, lots of unique adventures that you won’t find anywhere else.  In the past few years, a cluster of islands is stealing the spotlight from the mainstream Nassau and Freeport. This cluster is becoming a star thanks to Instagram feeds filled with cute swimming pigs and shallows of friendly pet-sharks. Say hello to The Exumas. Exuma embody 365 islands with breathtaking landscape ranging from water with all the shades of blues, to dramatic cliffs, underwater grottos, sandbars in the middle of the ocean, islands filled with iguana and swimming pigs, The #4 beach in the world (Tropic of Cancer)  ,sunken narcos planes, friendly pet sharks waiting for you to join in, and so much more that gives you so much to do during a vacation. However, Aggie Lal-Travel Blogger takes us on the journey to squeeze as many activities as possible on a day trip to The Exuma Cays. So it is only natural for the Instagram travel blogger to tell us the reason she keeps visiting the Bahamas.


Aggie is an adventurer, inner peace seeker, nature addict, sailor, Olympic-level liquid spiller, obsessive learner, and storyteller. She has visited 500 countries so far. She has fed the giraffes in Kenya and the flamingos in Aruba. She helmet dived into the water with stingrays and friendly sharks, and so many more. Now, this self-proclaimed ‘gypsy’ takes us on her journey to the Exumas.


“I am originally from Poland,” this is how Aggie story began.

Aggie is one of those persons that finds it hard to keep still. She can never be seen doing the usual like lying on a beach chilling; catching a tan like a regular tourist would. Instead, Aggie is one of those persons that believe in bucket lists and lives her life by ticking off one after the other, after completing each adventure.

“I’m the kind of person that doesn’t know how to rest. But, that actually relaxes me to keep myself busy.” She went on.

Considering Aggie’s lifestyle, The Bahamas is hopefully becoming a favorite place for adventures, and not keeping still. She went after the activities that she would definitely not find everywhere you go in the world or Caribbean; especially not the shades of blue and green crystal clear waters she found on the island of Exuma, which she describes as ‘insane’ and ‘photoshop’.


“The beaches are insane. They are so clear. They are so isolated and the water is like; I literally posted on my Instagram stories how is this water even real?” Aggie continued.

Travel blogger Aggie in one day got to experience paradise by taking a one day trip to one of the most beautiful islands The Bahamas has to offer. Exuma is the island where you are sure to find something to do every day, and it is known for its amazingly beautiful sapphire-blue waters which surround every island and cay. You will never get bored on your vacation. In fact, you may not want to leave when it is time to. The Exumas is an exotic collection of dream destinations for tourists.From the beaches to the exclusive resorts, and islands that fit perfectly for celebrities. This is the ultimate escape for a weekend getaway or maybe even longer. That depends on you, the visitor. Aggie agrees wholeheartedly.

“I ticked off two bucket list items today that’s why my hair is so disheveled. But it was unbelievable”. Aggie added.

On her trip to the Exumas, Aggie first stop was to play, feed, and hang out with the friendly happy pigs that live on Big Majors Cay, also known as Pig Beach. Upon arrival on the cay by boat she was greeted with the most friendly and adorable piggy. Unfortunately for Aggie, she only experienced two of the adventures Exuma has to offer before she had to leave…

“It was the most amazing experience, and I think the locals did a really good job of protecting the pigs; making sure that they are happy and the guides are making sure that people are not quite abusing them. So it’s like unbelievable.”

Next up on Aggie’s adventure: Aggie’s favourite part of the day. The swimming sharks that live on Compass Cay.

“I liked the sharks more because there is this element of fighting my own fear,” she said.

A unique adventure that you can not find everywhere you go in the world or Caribbean. Aggie swam with a number of nursing sharks. Though she has swum with sharks before, she has never encountered such an experience in her entire life. She describes the sharks has domesticated. They are really just like pets she exclaimed.


“They actually try to rub against you.”

“I’ve swum with sharks before and they kind of like their own distance. But, because these sharks are used to humans, they literally swim on top of you like rubbing their belly on top of yours. And their skin is kind of sharp so this is like an exfoliation hug. It’s a pleasant cuddly hug.” she said between chuckles.

The sharks are fed by the guide throwing raw fish into the water. But do not ever put your hand next to their food while they are around or even when they are not. You don’t have to be scared. You just have to do what the guide says and you’ll have lots of fun with them and enjoy.

“They are super friendly. Amazing. It was such a great experience.” she ended.

Aggie said that if she had to choose her favorite destination in The Bahamas, she would choose the Exumas because of the water, and how relaxed the natives are. She said that they made her relaxed which was awesome. The Bahamas has many other islands similar to an Exuma experience. You have to try them all before you can pick your favorite. Summer is almost here. You may want to hurry to get that done.


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