Climb The Hermitage

Island: Cat Island
How to get there: The Hermitage is located on Mt. Alvernia (aka Como Hill), New Bight, Cat Island. You can get to The Hermitage by travelling on a stone staircase on a steep rocky incline.
What makes it special: This views once you are at the top.

The Hermitage is a beautifully constructed monastery crafted by hands in 1939. It is located on the 206 ft hill of Mt. Alvernia, the highest point in the entire Bahamas. 206ft is not really tall but for the mostly flat nation of The Bahamas, this is a really big hill, the perfect vantage point to take in Cat Island. A stone staircase leads you up the steep hill where the views of Cat Island is spectacular. On the way to the monastery, you will see carved stones depicting the stations of the cross. Once you reach the pinnacle, take it in one breath at a time. 


Section: historic


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