Conch Fritters Boat

Island: New Providence
How to get there: Take a taxi to Arawak Cay (Fish Fry). Walk the Arawak Cay strip until you see Drifters
What makes it special: Your conch fritters are served on a coconut sheath boat.

Another must-have treat, when you visit The Bahamas. This deep-fried Bahamian dish serves as an appetiser, enticing your appetite for what is next to come. Conch fritter batter is comprised of simple ingredients such as flour, water, vegetables, and of course conch. It is served with a delicious fritter sauce, and if you want to spice it up, dip the fritter in fritter sauce then squeeze  Sriracha (Editors suggestion). One can order Conch Fritters from your hotel’s restaurant. However, for tasty, conchy and stylish conch fritters, Drifters Restaurant is ideal. Drifters is a cosy restaurant warmly decorated in old-school island flare;  newspaper on the table, the island names, drinks served in tins, and most importantly your fritter are served on a coconut boat. The inside of this restaurant is the most Pinterest worthy restaurant on the traditional Arawak Cay strip.



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